Morgan Wins on Dardanelle

One thing is very true about growing your local club, wins get harder to come by! When you invite more anglers to join in and they are consistently getting better, you re gonna have to work hard for every win. Last season we averaged 28 anglers/event, this year we are averaging 37anglers/event.

With all that said, I’m enjoying my first win of 2020 as these are more meaningful these days!

I was able to get on a good buzzbait bite early on very shallow flats off creek channels. The key was finding flats with both grass and pads. The slowtown custom buzz bait has helped me cash two checks in 3 weeks!

About 10am the morning bite was long gone and I headed for the truck, loaded up and drove to my next spot closer to the river. This was the game plan all along as I knew other big boats and kayak anglers would be in that spot early and crowd it up.

When I arrived I was happy to see the parking lot had emptied out, I took 15 minutes to re tie baits specific to that area and I went to work!

Not having much success in some of my usual holes in the area I went for a new approach. I found a floating grass mat and although punching isn’t something I’ve tried a lot, with a sun beaming and this being the only shade in that particular spot, I thought what the hell. I grabbed a 3/8oz Wicked Weights Quality Tungsten mortar with a creature bait and stood up in the Old Town Canoes & Kayaks topwater so I could find the holes in the mat to drop the bait through. My first attempt yielded a 16+ incher and I would go on to pull 4 more fish off that mat before 1pm.

My big fish came off an unlikely combo as I had gotten broke off with my creature bait on a very large fish near a log. I grabbed my other heavy rod that had a Jared Patrick Pridmore JP jig he had made for me with green and blue skirt, I threw my big creature bait on it and tossed it in the next shaded spot up thinking there must be big fish in the area after being broke off. Before my jig hit the bottom it was on the run and when I set the hook this time the front of the yak turned and the line held! It was a 21 incher ! I later went back to that log I got broke off and pulled a 19+ !

I culled all but one of my fish from the morning.

I was in the right place at the right time for once this year and my plan came together!

Keeping my head and cool after that break off made the difference. Those things happen and you have to learn to just keep fishing and factor in everyone has that at some point.

I worked hard for this one and can’t do it without those that support my venture, ya ll check them out ! SheAngler Customs H2:4 Outdoors along with others mentioned above !

Made up a lot of ground and sitting in the drivers seat for AOY! Let’s go! 2 more events!