NSKA Central Lake Dardanelle Recap

1st place 90.50 & BB 21
2nd place 79
3rd place 78.75

Garret Morgan captures his first win of 2020, new anglers have made it tough this year. Garrett started by catching several fish before 10am on a slowtown buzzbait in the Piney area off very shallow flats that held both grass and pads. Finding flats with both seemed to be key. After 10 the morning bite was long gone, and he loaded up and headed for water closer to the main river. He was able to get on a solid creature bait bite with 3/8oz weight. The faster fall seemed to trigger reaction strikes around floating grass mats and wood in 2-5ft of water in the shade. Garrett culled all his morning fish but 1 between 11:23am and 1:07pm.

Gordon Parham finished 2nd and shared he was able to get on a good buzzbait bite early as well. He shared he was having a good time throwing at some trash fish when that set up, not known for catching bass, started producing. He showed me his buzzbait modification he uses for trash fish and I’d never seen this before, ask him about it some time, pretty unique. Gordon gains a lot of ground in the AOY race with this finish. The championship is on a lake he knows very well in Harris Brake. He is sure to be a threat to keep jumping up the ladder the rest of the way!

David Byrd drove over from Oklahoma and showed he has no problem working a creature bait on this end of the river as he used it to take 3rd place. He was able to work out of Illinois Bayou toward the main river picking apart spots that set up well for working his googin creature. David shared he was here to practice for the Hobie event coming in Sept and will def be back. Sounds like he may try to make brewer if he can work it out!

The heat was tough and we appreciate all 31 anglers that took on this challenge. The more this club has grown the harder it has been to find a win and that makes us all better.

Our next event will be a special one! Aug 1st Lake Brewer will be our first ever night event. We are finalizing details but have talked about 6pm to midnight. I’m looking at getting some special awards made for this one that are blacked out with blue lettering ! These are gonna be sweet!

As always we appreciate those that support our club, please visit them and show your appreciation as well! SheAngler Customs YakAttack H2:4 Outdoors BMT Outdoors

Thanks as always to our TD James P. Whited Jr. for running the event.