Shadell Wins On Brewer Lake

Being one of the new anglers to the tournament scene this year with very little experience in a kayak, I have learned so many lessons about how to not only maneuver in a pedal drive but also many lessons from boat positioning for better hookups to simply taking pictures of fish and how much water I can actually cover in an 8 hour tournament.

The key for me on lake brewer I fill was all about pre fishing. I spent more hours on the lake the week prior of practice cutoff than any tournament this year. During practice I fished 90% off the bank and every offshore brush pile I could find. After the practice cutoff there were only two places that stood out for me and with each spot being on opposite ends of the lake I had a tough decision to make. Once I got to the first starting point I knew I made the right choice because I was the only angler there with all kinds of fish sign. I had a limit within the first hour with a soft jerkbait which was just barely enough to take home the victory. I had one late cull that didn’t make much of a difference.

Top Five From NSKA Central Brewer Lake