Morris stays hot, wins on Lake Nimrod

34 anglers took on the early morning wind, rain and big bass at Lake Nimrod in the NSKA Central Event!

Eric E. Morris continued his hot streak with 97.5 inches and a 21.5 BB! He shared that he used his Chatterbait around cypress trees to catch most of his fish today. Eric is sitting well for AOY with 3 top 3 finishes on the year in just 4 events.

John Wofford won the tie breaker for second place with 96 inches. He shared that he used a Chatterbait and a few other options in black and blue to find his fish along the brush. John continues his run at AOY with another top 3 finish as well. The race is going to get very tight at the top !

Chris Hartman showed that not all big girls over eat, he threw the lower calorie wacky rig option at them today. He also managed 96 inches today and took third place. As the summer months come into play watch this angler utilize the ole monster to frequent the top of the leaderboard.If you skipped this event, you missed one of the best I’ve ever fished. I’m really hoping we do this one again.

We had 8 anglers with 90+ inches! 17 anglers had 80+ inches and 11 fish were 20+ inches . Nimrod lived up to the pre fishing hype!

Shout out to Team Willarry Customs for their support on this event, look for products to be available soon! Thanks to James P. Whited Jr. for judging all the big fish today ! Be sure to support those that support us H2:4 OutdoorsYakAttackStrike King Lure CompanySheAngler Customs