Gordon Parham captures MLF style win on Brewer Lake

Our first ever H2:4 Outdoors MLF style event received great feedback and made for an exciting finish in the latest NSKA Central Event.

1. Gordon Parham 219.25 17 fish

2. Garrett Morgan 203.5. 13 fish

3. Chris Geisler194.25. 15 fish

Big bass Chris Wright 23.25”191 fish caught

7 anglers recorder at least 10 fish5 20” fish were caught

Gordon shared he caught 8 fish in the last 45 minutes in one spot using a baby brush hog to climb his way into first making up about 70 inches in the last hour! These fish were hanging near some old road structure.

Garrett was able to get on some fish early during the shad spawn near a flat using an A Rig, 3 fish over 18 inches. His last scoreable fish came at 10:20am and I watched the rest of the field slowly catch me until the last hour when others figured out a late bite.

Chris Geisler shared he was able to find fish around trees with a baby brush hog, having a consistent day and staying after it paid off for him as he climbed into third late!

Chris Wright was able to land big bass flipping thick brush, the 23.25 inch fish came off a river bug style bait.

Thanks to James P. Whited Jr. for another great job as TD, very much appreciated.

Our next event will be the Dardanelle split June 19th where anglers will have the option to fish Illinois bayou or piney bay. The rail road bridge will be the cut off to each.

Thanks to our sponsors SheAngler CustomsYakAttackStrike King Lure Company