Morris takes the win on Lake Conway

Eric Morris put up a solid limit to take the victory at the NSKA Central Lake Conway – Ben Spangler Memorial Event

“I started out prefishing on the flats using a chatterbait and not getting the fish I was looking for on Wednesday, by the end of the day I had moved into the cypress and started flipping against them and punching mats finally finding a big group of fish I called it a day.”

“On tournament day I went right to that same spot and started punching mats and didn’t get a bite for almost 2 hours, I chose to hit the flats again but flipping the cypress I found my first few fish. So after that I decided to head back to the cypress where I found them pre-fishing, after locating the big school again it was on but they were only in a area about 100yds long.”

“I focused on every tree within that area and lost more than I caught and caught 6-8 that didn’t help cull up. From about 1pm til 3pm lines out I had at least 20 bites. Everything was caught on a Walmart brand brush hog and a few were caught on a Rage Bug punching mats. The fish had moved about 75 yds from where I found them on Wednesday.”

Jeff Malott took the big bass pot with this 21.5″ fish