Corey Hopper wins NSKA Central MLF style event

The NSKA Central tournament on Lake Overcup yesterday was an MLF-style event. Every fish caught by an angler was scored….no 5-fish limit. This style of event is a bit different than the normal, and sometimes can require a different approach. The goal is to find fish, and find a lot of them, or find fewer, but find the right ones…..a whole mess of 12″ fish can be the ticket in this type of event.Seems the lake was fishing well the week before the event…based on the few prefishing reports I heard. However, we had a week of unseasonably hot weather (92+ degrees) the week of the tournament.

34 anglers fished the tournament and caught a total of 144 fish. Although just over a 4 fish-per-angler average would be great for a normal event, for a MLF-style event this number was low. So, fishing was a a bit tough. For comparison, last year’s MLF event on Lake Brewer attracted fewer anglers who posted a total of close to 200 fish. Although no fish over 20″ was caught, several quality fish were recorded.

There was one 19″ bass, and 15 over 17″ caught. The Slow Town Custom Lures Big Bass for the event went to Corey Hopper for his 19″ fish. Corey took home $113.19 for this award and a a $25 Slow Town gift certificate.Second Big Bass was 18.5″ and went to Anthony Nelson. Two other 18.5s were caught by Eric E. Morris and John Wofford, but Anthony’s second biggest fish broke the tie. Anthony will receive a Yak Lights light strip and a squarebill from Xcite Baits.In forth place, first angler out of the money, was Cole Harken with 136.75″. Cole received a $50 gift certificate from YakAttack.Third place and $152.80 went to Gordon Parham, who finished with 11 fish for 162.75″. Gordon reported nearly all his fish came on his bread and butter, a brush hog in the grass.Taking home second place and $305.60 was Tyner Redden. Tyner caught 12 fish for 173.25″. Tyner caught his fish pitching a finesse worm in the grass.Corey Hopper took home the win and $560.27 with 13 fish measuring 200.75″. Corey spent the day throwing a finesse worm and a popper. The great thing about this story is that Corey drove an hour from home (Hot Springs) before realizing he forgot his measuring board. He turned around, drove back home to get it, and made it to the lake more than an hour after lines in. He proceeded to put on a clinic and took home just over $673 combined on his day. Awesome job, Corey!!This was the 5th event on the NSKA Central schedule. After this point anglers who have fished each event can now start to cull events in the AOY race. AOY is determined by the five best finishes throughout the season. Now is the time that the AOY race gets interesting!

The current standings (below) have Brad Hammon leading the way, followed by Ty Watson, Matt Gifford, Gordon Parham, and John Wofford in 2nd through 5th, respectively. However, Eric E. Morris and Jody Bowers each have only fished 4 events with solid finishes; and Roy Grubb and Tyner Redden have only fished 3. With one or two more solid finishes, these anglers will make some noise and challenge for the top spot. Several other anglers have had 2 or 3 really good finishes as well. With two regular events and the Classic remaining, the top ten will be fun to watch!Likewise, Heavy Hitters will be in a state of flux. Currently, John Wofford leads Matt Gifford by 3″, with Ty Watson in 3rd.Chris Roberson is still in the lead for ROY.Thank you again to all our sponsors, especially H2:4 Outdoors for sponsoring this tournament.Give these sponsors your business!!H2:4 Outdoors, BMT Outdoors, Yak Lights, YakAttack, Ampowsure Lithium Batteries (Now ZPro Lithium), Brazalo Custom Lures, Slow Town Custom Lures, Xcite Baits, SheAngler CustomsSee y’all at Harris Brake on June 18!