NSKA Challenge Announced

NSKA Central and NSKA NWA Anglers…….The boards of the clubs have been discussing a fun event that we plan to make annual. Here is what is being planned.At the end of each year (late October or early November) we will hold The NSKA Challenge. This event will pit NSKA Central against NSKA NWA for bragging rights for the year. This will be a qualification event. The top 10 in AOY from each club will qualify, with drop downs in the event an angler cannot make it. The tournament location will alternate each year between Lake Conway and Beaver Lake.

The winning club will receive a team trophy that will remain with the club until they are knocked off. The winning club will be determined by the total length from the top 5 anglers from each team. We will also payout individually to the top 3 and Big Bass winners, as normal.The inaugural event will be hosted by NSKA Central on Lake Conway. We are tentatively targeting November 5th for the event.

Specific details to come, stay tuned!More incentive to keep fishing hard for that top 10 in AOY!!